What is an Ethernet Cable used for?

IEEE 802.3, does this remind you of something? Well, let’s start from here. An Ethernet Cable has a long history dating back to the ’80s when it got its IEEE standardization. Its definition remains simple; a communication standard developed to network computers and other devices in a given local environment could be a building or even a home. The idea here to form a network commonly referred to as Local Area Network (LAN), which would then be an effective avenue for data sharing.

Therefore, an Ethernet cable is a type of network cable meant for the sharing of electronic data. These cables connect to various devices, routers, TVs, computers, etc., via unique ethernet ports to share this information.

AN ethernet cable is often limited to length and durability. Extraordinarily long and poorly designed Ethernet wires do not carry the quality network signal. If you look keenly, you will notice the various Ethernet cable available optimized differently for specific tasks.

Ethernet cables in familiarity look like a phone cable. The wires have double the number of wires to a phone cable (8 vs 4). The connector is slightly bigger than a phone cable’s connector.

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